• Adam
  • ROOT
  • 2019-04-24
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The Success Factor

 Truth is that anybody can become successful, if they can pay the price. Here are a few of the genetic markers of successful people.

Successful people are actually a rare breed of people who have evolved to survive. They have a particular DNA code that developed through a tenacious and relentlessness experiences that produce sustained results. They are people who simply refused to quit, who have made up their minds that they must succeed or nothing!

One basic fact that distinguishes successful people is that they perceive opportunities differently. Successful people focus in making things happen for them and others at all cost. They have trained themselves to see how they can take responsibility at every turn and move the very mountains that have stopped others.  

We all love the idea of success with great SUVs, vacations, and the financial freedom. Truth is that anybody can become successful, if they can pay the price. Here are a few of the genetic markers of successful people.

1. The have insight:

Success always starts with a need. The man who can see this need more accurately and can provide for this need will be greeted by success.

2. They are not careless or carefree:

Successful people know how to pay attention to details; they never leave anything to chances. They will not just wait around and let things happen to them, they go out there and make things happen.

3. They adapt fast:

Successful people are always ready to adapt to a situation and to improvise just about anything to suit their purpose; they know how to bring out the best in anything and everything they have.

4. They are action takers:

Every successful person is teachable and knows how to use those lessons to work for them. They don’t just go from seminar to seminar or from meetings to meetings; they practice what they have heard, read or seen. They are people of action.

5. They are totally obsessed with the idea of success.

One way to know successful people is that they are addicted to succeeding. It is as if their lives actually start and ends with success, they will never agree to settle for less than that, it is their lifestyle.

6. They seem to be in love with challenges:

If there is anything successful people know, it is how to face challenges. They are people who have come to master the art of breaking down barriers, converting stumbling blocks into stepping stones and riding on the storms of life! They never buckle in the face of challenges or turn back because of opposition. The DNA of success is a fighting spirit!

7. They are passionate to a fault:

Successful people have an excruciating passion for what they do. They are fired up with purpose and are resourced with an unending reserve of strength that comes from a steel-strong conviction in what they are doing. They are the type you refer to as “never say die” kind of people.

8. They go down but never stay down:

Please don’t get me wrong, I have not said that successful people don’t fail. They do! And they fail very often too. They only succeed because every time they fall, they rise to their feet again, failure for them is success in progress and falling is just a new opportunity to rise up and do better.

Finally, every successful person never stands alone. They are people who have perfected the art of standing on the shoulders of giants. Success is not the exclusive reserve of some people; it is a lifestyle that can be copied and reused effectively by anybody. If you want to succeed, pay the price of commitment!