4 Reasons to Revamp Your Marketing Strategy

Statistics overwhelmingly show that your marketing design is very likely your customers’ first impression of your brand or store. That being said, keeping your marketing print materials and website up-to-date and relevant is definitely in your best interest. An upgrade may mean redesigning your business card, menu, brochures, flyers, a new website, but in some cases may be just mean fixing up what you already have:

1. Your marketing print materials are out of date.

If you can’t remember when you’ve last printed your brochure, your menu, a promotional postcard, or your business card, then it has been too long! The content on marketing materials is the reason why people visit your business and also why they choose come back again, or the reason why they may lose interest.

Your promotional prints should contain your website, social media links so that customers can locate your business easily and seamlessly. Any marketing prints that contain out-of-date or irrelevant content will affect the ability for Google and search engines to find you. The right strategy for your marketing prints goes hand-in-hand with a strong online presence. And nearly everyone uses search engines to find your business online.

We offer an array of marketing prints to promote your products and services, including thick and sleek business cards; lots of different sized postcards; Every Door Direct Mail Postcards; and different fold type for every brochure to mention a few.

2. Look more professional

It’s important to pay attention to aesthetics. Potential clients are looking for what you sell. They’re looking 24/7 every day of the year. If your website or marketing print materials makes you look like a bunch of amateurs, clients will simply avoid you.

But if you have a professional design online, and have your marketing designed professionally, your customers are much more likely to buy from you.

Roxprint offers customized professional designs for almost everything! From LED Menu Boards, Yard Signs, Banner Flags, Acrylic Signs, to Business Cards, Canvas Prints, Posters, Door Hangers, NCR Forms and so much more!

3. Update your marketing frequently

The Web design industry is constantly working to improve itself. To take advantage of new technologies, features and platforms—and to appeal to customers’ pain points—you must take the trouble to update your website frequently. This includes keeping layout designs fresh, updating blogs, refreshing imagery and pushing out timely promotions and advertisements. Get yourself or your team on a schedule, such as 4 new blog posts per week.

It’s important to keep your marketing prints in line with your newly updated content.

Get your new promotions and advertisements printed with Roxprint easily and seamlessly. We will help guide you through every step with our excellent customer service team members, either printing or designing your business card to any products you may need.

4. The purpose of your marketing has changed.

If your marketing strategy has changed, it may be time to change up your website and printed marketing materials to match this new plan. For example, at the time that you built your website and printed your business card and brochures, your goal may have been to sell products. Now, your goal may be to increase repeat business. In order to keep your information relevant, you may want to change your content and navigation to match your goals.

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