Kraft Business Cards

Print Premium Kraft Business Cards online today.

Looking for an alternative to gloss and polish? Kraft paper business cards are simple, but striking. They stand out from more traditional cards, and they give off a cool, vintage vibe. The light brown paper stock works best with black ink, helping simple designs pop off the card.

The uncoated finish allows you to easily write on these cards. That makes them perfect for handwritten notes to customers. Keep in mind that natural fibers will show through, giving the paper (and your design) a rustic look.


Paper Stocks:

  • 18 pt. Cardstock - 30% recycled materials making them eco-friendly..

Paper Coatings:


  • Provides a writable surface for cards that will be attached to important documents

  • Applied on one or both sides, depending on the space you alot for writing


How do I set up artwork for Kraft Cards with White-Ink add-on?

When creating a White-Ink add-on, you must include a White Mask file template along with the regular print file. The White Mask template is used to show where the white ink will be applied. 

Duplicate the artwork you want to add White-Ink to, and make the areas with White-Ink completely black. 

Please only use solid 100% K to indicate where you would like the White-Ink. Do not use shadows, glows or grayscale images.

White areas on your Mask File will indicate no White-Ink.

Note: White Masks must be made in vector format and be saved as EPS or PDF. Please be aware that anything less than 100% K will be transparent and allow the brown stock to show through.

Remember the following when creating a white mask for your white ink base:

  • White ink base will be printed behind any color that’s in your Artwork Layer.
  • Areas with color but without a White Mask will be printed with color directly on the material.
  • Areas with color and a White Mask will be printed as opaque or solid color.
  • Areas with a White Mask and no color will be printed as white.

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    Our graphic designers are on hand to review your artwork files free of charge. We will make sure your artwork files are setup correctly and are print ready.

    Yes, Email PDF Proof

    We will email you a link to review your artwork and approve it online within the next 4 hours. We will not print your file until we receive your approval. Note that this may delay your turnaround time. Once your order is in print, we will email you a notification. Note that we do not fix typos or low resolution images

    No, Print As Is

    We will print your order as soon as your artwork passes our inspection review. If there is a problem with your order, we will contact you.

    Artwork Review

    We check for the following when we review your order:

    •  Correct Artwork Dimensions
    •  Bleed Is Setup Correctly
    •  Low Resolution Images
    •  Correct Color Mode (CMYK)
    •  Text or Graphics outside of the Safety Zone
    •  Folding Setup
    •  Sequential Numbering Setup
    •  Die-Cut and Perforation Tear Setup
    •  Narrow Borders at Risk of Being Cut Off
    •  Bindery Setup for Catalog and Booklet Orders
    •  Compliance with USPS Mailing Requirements

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