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Punch Card Pre-Ink Stamps

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Print premium Punch Card Stamps online today.

We offer several Xstamper pre-inked stamps to choose from when shopping for a high-quality of this nature. Instead of writing the same information over and over, you can simply press and release a custom rubber stamp. With pre-inked rubber stamps, you get all the benefits of stamps without the often mess ink pads associated with other types of stamps.


  • Oil Based Stamp
  • Perfect for inspection numbers or coding
  • Perfect for stamping logos and loyalty rewards cards
  • Not recommended for glossy surfaces

Punch Card Stamp-Round Sizes:

  • 0.375" Round - Customize up to 2 lines of text
  • 0.5" Round - Customize up to 6 lines of text
  • 0.75" Round- Customize up to 10 lines of text
  • 1" Round - Customize up to 10 lines of text

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Here at Roxprint, we have a team of designers who are dedicated to help you with all your designs. Before we are able to help you, we have a couple of questions. These will help us better help you.

If you have marked that you would like our design services in the options above, we will send out a questionnaire form within 24hrs. Below is a sample of questions you will receive in the email:

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Our graphic designers are on hand to review your artwork files free of charge. We will make sure your artwork files are setup correctly and are print ready.

Yes, Email PDF Proof

We will email you a link to review your artwork and approve it online within the next 4 hours. We will not print your file until we receive your approval. Note that this may delay your turnaround time. Once your order is in print, we will email you a notification. Note that we do not fix typos or low resolution images

No, Print As Is

We will print your order as soon as your artwork passes our inspection review. If there is a problem with your order, we will contact you.

Artwork Review

We check for the following when we review your order:

  • • Correct Artwork Dimensions
  • • Bleed Is Setup Correctly
  • • Low Resolution Images
  • • Correct Color Mode (CMYK)
  • • Text or Graphics outside of the Safety Zone
  • • Folding Setup
  • • Sequential Numbering Setup
  • • Die-Cut and Perforation Tear Setup
  • • Narrow Borders at Risk of Being Cut Off
  • • Bindery Setup for Catalog and Booklet Orders
  • • Compliance with USPS Mailing Requirements

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