Print Premium Silk Business Cards online today.

Silk business card printing sets the tone for high quality right from the start of any business introduction. The luxurious, smooth finish makes a memorable impression. Bring style, class, and sophistication to every introduction or meeting with silk business cards. Hand these to VIP clients or when you want to showcase your luxurious brand or services. Once applied, this layer mimics the premium look and texture of silk, while adding water-resistance and durability to your business cards. The memorability, longevity, and luxurious vibe of these cards ensures they'll be your best custom business cards yet. When you print silk business cards, you are effectively saying that only the best and highest standards will do.

Paper Stocks
16 pt. Cardstock - Slightly thicker option that offers a more premium appearance; ideal for giving away at important meetings.

Paper Coatings
Silk lamination - Thin layer of plastic coating that looks and feels like silk fabric. Tear and water resistant.

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