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Now is the time to take out your old photos and digital artwork and have them printed on stretched or rolled canvas. You can have a professional gallery right in your own home or office. Canvas and photo printing allows you to fill up your empty walls with stunning images for everyone to see. Decorate your store with a variety of canvas prints tailored for your customers to enjoy. You can even use canvas prints to promote your products.

Our Snap Poster Hanger System is made of the finest aluminum. With our 3 step easy install, you can install or change graphics within seconds. Simply open, insert, and snap close. Thanks to this unique design, our Snap Poster Hanger will hold your graphic with amazing strength with no scoring, pockets, or any special graphic treatment. This easy-to-use hardware system comes with 4 ready to hang hooks and can be used in any indoor location.


  • 9 mil. Matte Popup Poster
  • Free Matte Lamination


  • 18"x24"  
  • 24"x36"
  • 24"x48”  
  • 24"x60"  
  • 24"x80"
  • 24"x100"  
  • 36"x24"  
  • 36"x48"  
  • 36"x60"  
  • 36"x80"  
  • 36"x100"
  • 48"x24"
  • 48"x48"  
  • 48"x60"
  • 48"x80"
  • 48"x100"

Marketing Tips for Canvas & Photo Prints

  • First impressions count when people enter your business or shop premises and canvas prints can help you create inviting surrounds to impress your customers and prospects. Try hanging canvas prints in your reception area that show images of your staff in action or showcase images from your local area to inject some local flavour and show that your business is part of the community.
  • Try printing your company logo or promotional slogan on canvas for trade show events, this can be used to leverage your brand and help your business stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, select some great shots of products and services to give people an instant sense of your business and create a professional look that inspires trust in your brand and lets everyone know that they’re in safe hands with your business.
  • People are visual creatures, so canvas prints are a cost-effective way for anyone in the food business to create instant appeal. Try taking some mouth-watering images of your most popular dishes and turn these into vibrant decor to have people and ordering your food and have them coming back time and time again. Alternatively, think about turning your menu into an eye-catching piece of wall art.

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