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Print Premium Gift Certificates online today.

There’s no sure thing when you own a small business – but gift certificates are a great way to bank some guaranteed income. They’ll help keep your front of mind as a holiday gift option, and give loyal customers an easy way to treat themselves or their friends anytime they’d like.

Ask anyone if they have ever bought a gift card and they'll probably say yes. Even if it's not for themselves to spend, gift certificates are the go-to gift to give on any occasion. That's why a lot of businesses use some sort of gift card for marketing. In retail, it is almost compulsory.

Paper Stocks:

  • 16 pt. Cardstock - Slightly thicker option that offers a more premium appearance; ideal for giving away at important meetings.

Paper Coatings:


  • An elegant touch on both sides
  • Ideal for luxury brands or designs

Gloss UV

  • Gives your brand that extra shine
  • Calls attention as soon as it lands on your client’s hands

Marketing Tips for Gift Certificates

  • Gift certificate printing is a low-cost way to promote your services and bring in new revenue at the same time
  • Just because your service is more essential than luxury doesn’t mean it won’t make a wonderful gift for friends, family, employees, or others. In fact, in this economy, people appreciate practical gifts.
  • Gift-givers have busy lives and don’t always have time to put into choosing a gift so gift certificates are perfect. Plus, now more than ever before, people place a premium on cash-equivalent gifts.


Will I be able to see a sample or proof of the numbering on my artwork before my order is printed?

Yes. We will email a Proof to the email address on your account. The proof will show an example of one event ticket on your artwork. Click “Approve File” or email us with your revised files. Revised files will be processed and a new proof will be sent for your approval.

What font, size and color will be used for the Variable Numbering portion?

The default font for the Variable Numbering portion is 14pt Calibri, black ink only. Black ink for the numbering should be taken into consideration when designing your artwork file. If your background images are dark, you may need to KO (knock out) the background image in the numbering areas, so that the numbers are visible.

Note: The CSV data file may contain up to 5 digits or characters for each record.

What types of files can I upload for Event Tickets with Variable Numbering?

Artwork file formats: We recommend PDF. You may also send the following types: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, eps, and png.

Data file format: We accept csv (comma delimited) format only.

Note: The CSV data file may contain up to 5 digits or characters for each record.

How do I indicate what areas of the ticket I want numbered and how do I set up my CSV Data File?

Choose from the 9 numbered areas shown in the example below. You may choose as few or as many areas as you like. Indicate which areas you would like to utilize by naming the Column Headers on your CSV Data File with the corresponding Area Name.

Note: The CSV data file may contain up to 5 digits or characters for each record. See example below:

Will Roxprint modify my CSV Data File to correct any errors or typos?

No, we do not proofread, flag or correct errors. It is your responsibility to double check and ensure the accuracy of your data.

What if my CSV Data File has less records than the quantity I ordered?

Roxprint will print the full quantity ordered. Variable Numbering will be printed for each record in your CSV data file. The entire order with numbered and non-numbered tickets will be carton packed and delivered via the chosen delivery method (UPS Shipping or Pick-up).

What if my CSV Data File has more records than the quantity I ordered?

Roxprint will print the full quantity ordered. If your CSV Data File contains more records than the quantity ordered, Roxprint will not print those additional records.

How do I prepare a CSV data file with leading zeros, for example I want my starting number to 00001?

In order to preserve leading zeroes on your Variable Number CSV file (e.g. 001, 0001) please Format the Cells as Text before creating your numbered list.

To include leading zeros: Right-click (or control click) on the first few cells, then Choose Format Cells > Text or Plain Text. Once your cells are formatted, proceed with creating your numbered list. You should be able to see your numbering correctly before saving your document.

Note: If you close and reopen your document or look at a preview of the document, it will appear that the CSV has reverted and your leading zeroes were deleted. However, be assured that is not the case. As long as you were able to see the leading zeros at the time you saved the document, your CSV has the leading zeros. It is safe to upload your CSV and your leading zeroes will be preserved.

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This premium paper type has a luster-finished and can create excellent high color definition with little

ink load. It is great for any magazine, flyers, brochures, photographic reproductions, and posters.


This premium paper type is has a dull and non-gloss coating that offers excellent colored images. It is

great for menus, posters, and photographic reproductions.

Gloss front, Uncoated back

This premium paper type has a luster-finish on one side, and an uncoated back that offers excellent high

color definition with a versatile backside. It is great of any business card that doubles as an appointment

card or stamp card when writing on the back side is required. 

100lb Gloss Book

This paper type is a full bodied paper coated with a gloss finish. It is has an excellent shine and is perfect

for rich full color prints. It is great for brochures, booklets, flyers, calendars, and much more.

100lb Cover Gloss

This premium paper type has a thicker and more hefty feel than 100lb Gloss Book, and gives a nice and rich substantial feel

which can endure some wear and tear. With its gloss varnish, it is great for sharper and brighter images.

14pt Cardstock

This paper type is a heavy-weight feel which is durable and perfect for folding. The glossy finish is great

for vibrant color printing. It is great for any postcards, greeting cards, and business cards.

16pt Cardstock

This paper type is much like our 14pt Cardstock but is more hefty which doubles when it comes to

durability. It is great for business cards and postcards to leave a lasting impression.

20pt Plastic

This paper type is much different than others. It is a strong, durable, water & tear-proof material. Not

only does this material last, but it also hold vibrant colors very well. They are available in Opaque White,

Frosted, and Clear stock. It is great for any business card that wants to leave a lasting and durable


32pt Cardstock

This paper type has a hefty matte finish on an uncoated white card stock. Other lightweight uncoated

cardstocks have a tendency for feeling flimsy and can bend easily. It is great for postcards and business


34pt Cardstock

This paper type is like our 32pt cardstock, but if you can believe it more hefty and more durable. With a

matte finish on an uncoated white card stock, you can be sure that your message is sure to last. It is

great for postcards and business cards.

70lb Premium Smooth Opaque

This paper type has a sleek ultra-smooth finish with high brightness is great for print contrast. Its smooth

and sleek finish offers a clean sharp look. It is great for business envelopes, office stationery, and


Our graphic designers are on hand to review your artwork files free of charge. We will make sure your artwork files are setup correctly and are print ready.

Yes, Email PDF Proof

We will email you a link to review your artwork and approve it online within the next 4 hours. We will not print your file until we receive your approval. Note that this may delay your turnaround time. Once your order is in print, we will email you a notification. Note that we do not fix typos or low resolution images

No, Print As Is

We will print your order as soon as your artwork passes our inspection review. If there is a problem with your order, we will contact you.

Artwork Review

We check for the following when we review your order:

  •  Correct Artwork Dimensions
  •  Bleed Is Setup Correctly
  •  Low Resolution Images
  •  Correct Color Mode (CMYK)
  •  Text or Graphics outside of the Safety Zone
  •  Folding Setup
  •  Sequential Numbering Setup
  •  Die-Cut and Perforation Tear Setup
  •  Narrow Borders at Risk of Being Cut Off
  •  Bindery Setup for Catalog and Booklet Orders
  •  Compliance with USPS Mailing Requirements

Design and Print

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